This Week in Band 10/18/2015

Happy Sunday War Eagle Band!!!!!


Congratulations to the War Eagle Marching Band for being named Grand Champion of the Sam Houston State University marching festival.   It was a tough prelims and finals but our band continues to rise to every challenge.   In addition, our Color Guard won the Auxillary Unit Award for Outstanding Color Guard of the entire contest!!!!!!!!!  Way to Go Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The band staff continues to be so proud of the work and dedication that our students exhibit. It is paying off and we are so thrilled to be working with you.   A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped out with the game on friday and especially at the contest.  We love our band parents!!!  We have 5 rehearsals and two contests left in our competitive season. Next up is UIL Marching Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Week In Band


Monday:   Full Band Rehearsal 3:15 – 6:00pm (need black shoes)


Tuesday:   UIL Marching Contest at Woodforest

  1. we perform at 6:30pm
  2. admission is $3.00 (parking is free)
  3. we are also hosting the event and are calling for all volunteers.

***students will come to the bandhall after school for a run through.   Please bring a snack

or lite lunch to eat at 4:00pm

  1. student’s itinerary:     3:00-4:00  run through/rehearsal

4:00 – 4:30  change/eat snack

5:45pm  Warm up

6:30pm  Perform at UIL

7:30pm  Return to ORHS


Wednesday:  a.  Report cards go out

  1. No afterschool rehearsal for anyone (students wishing to audition for the musical

must do so this afternoon)


Thursday:   Full Band Rehearsal 3:15 – 6:00pm  (JV band will be dismissed after the dance team

run through approx. 3:45pm)


Friday:   Game Day

  1. Pep Rally (bring ORHS shirt)
  2. Game v. Woodlands (this is also 8th grade band night for us!) We are pleased to be

hosting the 8th graders from York and Irons!!!!


Saturday:  PASIC rehearsal 9am – 12:00pm




Monday (10/26)   Region Orchestra Auditions at Klein Collins

PASIC rehearsal-TBA Tuesday (10/27)  Full Band Rehearsal 3:15 – 5:45

Wednesday (10/28)   NO FULL BAND REHEARSAL

Possible PASIC rehearsal Thursday (10/29)  Full Band Rehearsal 3:15- 5:45 Friday (10/30)  LAST Full Band Rehearsal before Contest and Band BBQ Party to celebrate.

Saturday (10/31)  BOA Super Regional Contest in San Antonio

tentative itinerary:        6:00am meet at ORHS to load charter buses

6:30am Leave for San Antonio (breakfast provided)

9:30am Arrive Rutledge stadium at Judson HS

10:00- 12:00  Rehearse and change into uniform

1:00pm  Arrive at Alamodome

3:15pm Prelim Performance

5:00pm  Prelim Awards

6:00pm  dinner provided by Boosters

7:30pm BOA finals begin

11:00pm  Leave San Antonio

2:00am  Arrive ORHS

****marching season is over for another year!


As you can see the next two weeks are the busiest and most important 2 weeks in the band’s fall marching season.   We cannot stress enough how important it is that EVERYONE be at EVERY rehearsal!!!  Please make every effort to schedule around these last few rehearsals.  We want to end this incredible marching season with our very best performances of the year. It is essential that we have everyone … every rehearsal.


This amazing season is living up to our mottos:    It is the “beginning of Always”  for the War Eagle Band…and as we put the finishing touches on our marching show let’s remember that we will do the Ordinary things in very Extraordinary ways!!!!!!   It seems to be working out well for us!!!!

Let’s have another GREAT Week!!!!!


Dana Pradervand

Band Director

Oak Ridge High School

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UIL Help Needed!

Parents –


We are hosting the UIL Marching Contest on October 20, 2015.

We need all of your help to make this a successful event!

The sign up is in Charms.  Please sign up for as many shifts and/or jobs as you can!

This contest is during the week, on a Tuesday.  We realize many of you work during the week.

If any of you can manage to take a day off work or 1/2 day or leave early, whatever you can manage to help us, we would so appreciate!!


Thanks and best regards,

ORHS Band Booster Board

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This Week in Band 10/11/2015

Happy Homecoming weekend War Eagle Band!

We hope everyone enjoyed the homecoming weekend. It was a tough loss for our team...but they played hard. For our band family, we hope you enjoyed the contest free weekend and were able to catch up with family and friends. This coming week marks the last leg of our contest season.....we want everyone to be ready for an exciting three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1- All the percussionists going to PASIC should have paid their first deposit last Friday. If you did not, please get that in on Monday...we need to be able to cover the necessary hotel deposit that is due this week.

#2-GRADES!...GRADES!...GRADES! The end of the 9week grading period is this Friday 10/16. Students must be passing all of their classes with a 70 or above in order to remain eligible for the end of our contest season and for the rest of football season. Please check grades daily and be sure that you are on top of things. Turn in all assignments....Finish all projects and pass all tests!!! We need everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3- Please plan on attending the October Booster Club meeting on Tuesday. There will be updated information given about the rest of our marching season as well as a call for volunteers to help us run the UIL marching contest on Oct. 20.

#4- On Tuesday, 10/13 our full band practice will be at Woodforest Stadium from 3:30 to 6:00pm. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange for bus transportation due to the regularly scheduled bus routes that occur during that time. Students will need to arrange for a ride to/from the stadium that afternoon. Students have three options: #1- arrange for a ride from a parent.
#2-carpool to stadium with an upperclassmen
#3-take the shuttle bus from school to stadium (there is limited seating available)
This is an extremely important rehearsal and every student must be in attendance.


MONDAY: #1-All-state and Etude Test #5 -you will need your concert instruments for class
#2- PASIC rehearsal 3:00-5:00pm

TUESDAY: #1- Full Band Rehearsal at Woodforest Stadium 3:30 - 6:00pm (must have black shoes)
Please arrange for your transportation.
#2- Raising Cane's Fundraiser night 4pm - 8pm
#3- Booster Club meeting- ORHS bandhall 6:30pm

WEDNESDAY: #1- PSAT testing during the day
#2- Varsity ONLY Band rehearsal 3:15 - 5:15pm (JV band does NOT need to come to
this rehearsal)

THURSDAY: #1- FULL Marching Band rehearsal 3:15 - 5:45pm (VARSITY and JV bands need to
attend....please have black marching shoes)

FRIDAY: Early Release Day and Game Day
#1- PASIC Rehearsal 1pm - 3pm
#2-Game Day schedule
3:00 - 4:15pm Game day rehearsal (full band)
4:15 - 5:15pm Pre Game meal/change
7:00pm Game v. College Park at Woodforest
10:00pm Return to ORHS

SATURDAY: Sam Houston State University Marching Contest
9:30am - Rehearsal at ORHS
10:30am - change/load buses (bring snack to eat)
11:30am - depart for Huntsville
1:55pm - Warm up
2:45pm - ORHS Prelim Performance
5:00pm - Announcement of Finalists
Contest Meal - provided by the Boosters for everyone.
7:00pm - Finals competition begins
11:30pm- Return to ORHS
***Spectator tickets are $15 for entrance. I do not believe a parking fee will be charged.

LOOKING AHEAD: Just want to give you an early "heads up".

Monday (10/19) Full Band Rehearsal for UIL 3:15 - 6:00pm ( VARSITY AND JV bands)

Tuesday (10/20) UIL Marching Contest at Woodforest
6:30pm is the War Eagle Band's Performance time
***more details will be in email next week.

Our Contest season is quickly coming to an end and we want to keep our momentum of success going!!!!!! This is our"Beginning of Always..." so keep striving to do the Ordinary Things in EXTRAORDINARY WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week BE EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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This Week in Band 10/4/2015

We DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The War Eagle Band made history on Saturday and achieved another goal by making the Finals competition at the Houston Bands of America Regional Marching Contest. The bands Extraordinary performance in prelims awarded them a spot in the Finals and a top 5 finish in prelims.   This marks the first time in ORHS Band history that the band competed in the Finals competition of a BOA contest.   The War Eagle Band finished 8th overall and has become quite the talk in the band world.   The band staff is so honored to be able to work with such a great group of students….and we continue to be so proud of all the work that you are doing!!!!!  WAY TO GO!


Thank you to our great parents who helped us with Friday nights game and the long contest day.   Our success is Your success…..we certainly could not do it without you.   We love you MOMS and DADS.


This week in band we have a chance to regroup and catch our breath before we begin the last half of our contest season.   It is also our Homecoming week and we can’t wait to welcome our band alumni back.   Please note that we have added 15 minutes onto our full band practices to be able to cover the rehearsal time needed for the Homecoming festivities that we do at the game.  So here is what is happening THIS WEEK IN BAND……


Monday:    PASIC rehearsal 3:00 – 5:00pm


Tuesday:  1.  Mr Dixon will be here for brass masterclasses.  Please bring your concert instruments

this day.

  1. Full Band rehearsal 3:15 – 6:00pm (note the extra 15 minutes please)
  2. Eligibility is finalized today


Wednesday:  1.  Winds/color guard rehearsal 3:15 – 5:15pm

  1. HOMECOMING Parade-6pm
  2.   winds/color guard-bring blue ORHS pep rally shirt for the parade.  You will

change into it after rehearsal and then line up for the parade.

  1. Percussion meet at 5;30pm in blue ORHS shirts


Thursday:  Full Band Rehearsal 3:15 – 6:00pm (please note the extra 15 minutes)


Friday:  Possible PASIC rehearsal – TBA


Saturday:   1.  Possible PASIC rehearsal-TBA

  1. Game v. Atascocita

12:00pm  report time

brief rehearsal, pre game meal, change

12:45pm  leave for game

2:00pm  game time

5:00pm  return to ORHS

***have a good time at the homecoming dance!!!!!!!


It’s going to be a fun week….you truly are becoming the “Beginning of Always”  continue to do ordinary things in Extraordinary ways…..It is working well for you.  Enjoy this wonderful day and we will see you tomorrow!




Dana Pradervand

Band Director

Oak Ridge High School



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US Bands – Volunteers Needed

Parents –


We are hosting the first contest of the season this Saturday at Moorehead Stadium in Conroe.

This is a great fundraiser for our band.  There will be 18 bands competing from several different school districts.  It will be a great day for our band, as well!!


However, this contest will not be successful without your help!  We are in urgent need of volunteers!  We desperately need volunteers for parking, concessions, band guides, gate monitors, and ticket booth.  I know that our band has a game on Saturday, but, the directors, their staff, and our student leadership team will handle all the jobs for the game.  We need our parents for the contest.  The larger bands will be in around lunch / early afternoon.  So, we really need most of you from 130p-930p – this will be our busiest time.  Break times are at 145p, 445p, and 830p.  This will be heavy concession times.  We are begging…please, please come volunteer!  We will feed you and make sure you stay hydrated.


The Booster Board members will be at the event from 6a-11p.  We will be doing multiple jobs all day. But, we cannot do everything.  We need our band / color guard parents to come together and support our kids!


Thanks and best regards,

ORHS Band Booster Board

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This Week in Band 9/20/2015

Hello War Eagle Band,

Well its here…..our Contest season begins this week with our debut performance at the US Bands Regional contest on Saturday.  Look for all the detailed information below.  But first, we want to thank our wonderful parent volunteers who helped us with our game last Friday night.   We really appreciate your help.   A huge thank also goes out to Mr Clements and his volunteers who spent Saturday finishing our props for our show.  In addition,  we want to thank the Booster Club for the purchase of a 70″ television for the bandhall so that we can finally view our halftime performances on a big screen.  WAY TO GO PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an incredibly busy week for the ORHS marching band and we need A LOT of parent help!  Here is how you can help:
#1- We will be hosting the USBands contest on Saturday as well as competing in it.   We will need all the volunteers we can get to do various jobs during the all-day event.   Please go to Charms and sign up to help.   One special volunteer that is needed is someone who has a great digital camera that has the capability of video taping each band and then immediately transferring it onto a thumb drive for each of the participating bands.   If you are techno..savy and can help us with this, please contact Ms. Pradervand.

#2- Color Guard is in need of anyone who can sew.   We have one more set of flags that require sewing.  If you can help with this EASY sewing project please contact Mr. Landers.

#3- And finally…it is time to wash the uniforms and get them ready for our first contest.  Uniforms are ready to be picked up on Tuesday and laundry instructions will be provided.  Please sign up in Charms.


Monday:  #1- All-State project pass off #3 during class. (wind ensemble, symphonic bands..bring
your concert instruments)
#2-  PASIC rehearsal 3-5pm

Tuesday:  #1-  Mr Dixon will do brass masterclasses during class (all brass bring concert instru.)
#2-  Full Band Rehearsal (color guard included)  3:15 – 5:45
#3- uniforms can be picked up for washing

Wednesday:  #1- Wind/Guard rehearsal 3:15 – 5:15pm

Thursday:  #1-  Full Band rehearsal 3:15 – 5:45
(have black shoes)

Friday:  #1- PASIC Rehearsal and Picture Day (bring concert black attire for picture, you will
rehearse after the picture)
#2- Pep Rally Day (bring blue ORHS shirt to school)

10:00 – 11:00am      Full Band Rehearsal (black shoes)
11:00 – 12:00pm      LUNCH -bring a sack lunch to eat
Change into uniform
12:00pm                  Depart for Moorhead Stadium
2:15pm                  ORHS WAR EAGLE BAND performs at USBAND contest
Tickets are $16 and can be purchased at the gate.

3:00 – 4:30pm        Load truck – Eat dinner (provided by Booster Club)
4:30pm                  Leave for Game at Woodforest Stadium
6:00pm                  Game v. Kingwood
9:30pm                  Arrive at ORHS

As you can see it is going to be a busy week.  Students please make sure you are organized and on top of all the different things happening this week.  Stay HYDRATED and HEALTHY….we need everyone in top shape for our first competitive performance!

Finally,  we are so excited to announce that we received a letter this week from The Foundation for Music Education.   The ORHS Wind Ensemble was selected as a Commended Winner in the Mark of Excellence National Wind Band Honors project.   There were 239 entered from 32 different states and only 14 bands received this honor.  Our wind ensemble was one of them……We are so proud of all our students.   Hard work and perseverance does get rewarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let’s make this week the “Beginning of Always” by doing the Ordinary things in EXTRAORDINARY ways…..Let’s BE EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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Game Day 9/18 – ORHS vs. Deer Park – AWAY

This week’s game is away vs Deer Park.
Schedule is as follows.

3:00 – 4:00 pre game meal, change into uniform (Pizza Hut)
4:15pm Leave for Deer Park
6:00pm Game Time
11:00pm Return to ORHS

Directions to stadium…

710 San Augustine Avenue, Deer Park, TX 77536, United States

Get directionsExport as KML for Google Earth/Google MapsOpen standalone map in fullscreen modeCreate QR code image for standalone map in fullscreen modeExport as GeoJSONExport as GeoRSSExport as ARML for Wikitude Augmented-Reality browser
Deer Park - Abshier Stadium

loading map - please wait...

Deer Park - Abshier Stadium 29.687942, -95.129433 710 San Augustine Avenue, Deer Park, TX 77536, United States710 San Augustine Avenue, Deer Park, TX 77536, United States (Directions)
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Uniform Washing Time

Hello Band Parents,


We have had a great marching season so far.  It’s that time though.  The uniforms our students wear in our hot weather need to be washed.  All we need is a handful of parents willing to give up their washers for a bit.  It’s really easy, believe it or not.  They are machine washable!

  1. First, sign up in charms to volunteer to pick up 10-15 uniforms to wash after the clinic on Tuesday, Sept 22 4:30-6pm (Even if you don’t sign up, you can still pick up!….don’t that limit your willingness to help.)
  2. Second, just follow these simple instructions:

Washing Instructions – Jackets and Bib Pants

  • On a “wash day” come to the uniform room when you are picking up your student and grab 10-15 uniforms on their hangers.
  • If a stain does occur, sponge with water or treat with an appropriate product before it has time to set and before laundering. You may use “Spray and Wash” and other non-chlorine stain removers when washing.
  • USE ONLY –   All, liquid detergent (traditional scent).
  • Machine wash on the gentle/knit cycle in cold water. Never wash in hot water!!!!
  • Wash the bibs (pants) separate from the jackets
  • Wash the jackets zipped and inside out
  • Do not use bleach of any sort! Use only ALL, liquid detergent. Many detergents are harsh and have a beaching ingredient that will cause even colorfast fabric to migrate.
  • Do not use liquid fabric softener on band uniforms!
  • Hang dry the uniforms! Do not place in dryer.
  • Each jacket and bib (pant) has a number on it. When dry, match the numbers to the correct hanger.  The numbers are on the BACK of the hanger and the student’s name is on the FRONT of the hanger.  Please hang the jackets in this way.
  • If there is any damage or repair needed to any part of the uniform, please notate that is some way so the uniform head can be notified.
  • After laundering return the uniforms to the uniform room and hang up in the appropriate spot.
  1. Third, return the uniforms, matched as instructed by the date instructed.  This time would be on Thursday, Sept 24  4:30-6pm, ideally when you pick your student up after practice.




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Oak Ridge High School Band in Oak Ridge, Texas.