Good Evening War Eagle Band Boosters! Hope you & your students are resting & recovering from a very busy & intense week of Summer Band!  We know they did an awesome job, and the band directors are very pleased with their progress & how hard they’ve worked this week!
So on to Week #2! Please remember to read this email & Ms. P’s emails every week, so you as a parent can keep up with all the important information & upcoming events!

It’s hard to believe it but our FIRST booster meeting is this Tuesday at 6:30pm! You do NOT want to miss out on this, so please plan to join us!  We will all meet in the ORHS auditorium, then will split up into groups by letter (which will be on your handout)  and we will have a “round robin” style breakout sessions so you can visit different rooms in the Fine Arts wing. There you will hear from our board members & committee leads to learn all about Band boosters & ways to get involved! Attending each room will earn you a ticket into the drawing for fabulous prizes at the end of the meeting.
Then as a final treat, parents will get to see an EXHIBITION performance by the Varsity Band!

Be sure to check with your student(s) to be sure they have the handout from this past Thursday.
Be sure you help them with the 20 emails to bring to this coming Thursday’s practice. This is an easy way to get support for our program, and we need ALL families to participate. Look for the info attached to Ms. P’s email from earlier today.

Please be sure to check your Charms accounts, where you will see your student’s most recent account activity updated. Also, Pavilion points have been applied through Aug 3rd. So keep in mind you must earn enough points to apply a full fair share installment to your students account. There may be some that have a $50 installment that cannot be posted until  you earn another $50 for a full installment. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact Terri Conley.

Please turn in your subscription for the 2018-2109 season ASAP! We are a little short on our renewals, and would love to see ALL BAND/COLOR GUARD families support this program by signing up for a flag in your yard! Feel free to ask your neighbors to also sign up! It’s $38 for the year’s subscription, and you can send in a check or go online through our band website to pay $40 by credit card. The deadline is August 12, 2018.
Please go online at:
Any questions about flags, please contact Melissa Lunkwitz.

Thanks again to our awesome White Shirt committee for spear-heading this program and keeping it running smoothly and efficiently! Thanks to the parents who have volunteered and worked the past concerts for the summer months! It is fun but challenging, and we know how hot it’s been lately so a big thank you for braving the heat to keep this program moving forward with success!
Remember, there are still MANY shows to sign up for in Charms! Any questions or concerns, please contact our White Shirt crew.

Please check in Charms for parent volunteer needs for these upcoming events. On Friday Aug 17th, we have lots of volunteer spots needed to help with band olympics! This is a fun event, and we need your help to make it a success.  On Saturday Aug 18th, we will parent volunteers to help with spirit sales at the Meet the War Eagles Pep Rally!
Any questions, you may contact our event Co-Chairs Sandra Castaneda & Diana Garcia (updated email to come soon) and contact Vicky Roberts & Julie Christensen for spirit committee.

Thanks for your continued support of our program, and remember we are all in this for the same goal-to make our student’s band/color guard experience THE BEST it can be!
Tammy Comeaux
ORHS Band Booster President

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Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.  Week 1 of summer band camp is in the books!  They’ve put in A LOT of hard work under the sizzling Texas sun and certainly return home exhausted.  Here’s a couple of things we can do to help them keep the momentum going …

  • Keep a reasonable bedtime and get a full night’s sleep.
  • Start out the day with a protein packed breakfast.
  • Prefill their jug with water or … as the girls say “WATER WATER H2O –  Dehydration NO NO NO”
  • Pack healthy lunches and snacks – example: meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts
  • Remind them to reapply sunscreen throughout the day

Moving on to week #2 – It’s SPIRIT WEEK!!  Please encourage your daughter to participate. The more guard girls who dress up the more points they earn for Band Olympics.  And the GUARD wants to GO for GOLD!!! There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money on costumes.  Use what you have at home, be creative, and have fun.

Meme Monday – catch phrases, popular melodies, and generally trending things all count.

Twin Tuesday – You and a partner dress alike

Walt Disney Wednesday – Dress like your favorite Disney character.

Tacky Tourist Thursday – Go on a mini vacation and become a tourist – example: fanny pack, straw hats, disposable camera, Hawaiian shirts.

Fun Fact Friday – Tell us something about yourself that many may not know – example: like to wear mismatch socks, Wear whole outfit in your favorite color, like to run around the house wearing a cape.

Note: costume items must not prohibit their ability to perform/practice.

Lowdown from Landers

  1. Practice schedule correction for this week

Monday 5pm – 8pm

Tues 9am – 3:30pm then 5pm – 8pm *

Wed 9am – 3:30pm then 5pm – 8pm *

Thurs 9am – 3:30pm then 5pm – 8pm *

Fri 5pm – 8pm

Sat 7am – noon

*Lunch break 12-1 and dinner break 3:30-5 – please make sure your daughter packs enough to cover 2 meals and 2 snacks.

Booster Business

  1. ORHS Booster meeting is Tuesday Aug 7 at the school 6:30 – 8pm. Last year’s Round Robin was so successful, we decided to do it again.  All parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the Round Robin to learn how you can help make this year AMAZING, collect raffle tickets for chances to win prizes and enjoy the Varsity Band EXHIBITION.
  2. Flags With Pride program has been extended through August 12th. Go online @

Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to all who so promptly responded to our plea for help getting in the uniform payments.  We have received several payments and the Charms accounts are currently being updated. Although we haven’t reached the 100\% mark, we are making progress.  If you have not yet had a chance to pay the uniform fee – Please, Please, Please do before the end of this week.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday evening.

Liesl Walton

ORHS Band Booster Color Guard Liaison

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Hello War Eagle Band/Color Guard,
We had a FANTASTIC first week of Summer Band.   The students exceeded all expectations….so if this is an indication of things to come….WOW what an amazing year it is going to be!

#1 – First Booster Club meeting of the year will be Tuesday, August 7 at 6:30pm in the Auditorium.  Many things will be discussed and a lot of information will be given out.
a.  We will handout the Information Packet for our Spring Trip to Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b.  We will have 5 mini “round robin” sessions where you will receive information regarding
volunteering for various committees (chaperoning, hospitality, uniform cleaning”tide
crew”, pit crew, prop building….and fundraising)
c.  parent raffle with chance to win several items
d.   And last but not least….an EXHIBITION performance by the Varsity Band.

#2-  It is not to late to support our FLAGS WITH PRIDE program.   If you or anyone in your neighborhood would still like an American Flag put in your yard at various holidays throughout the year….you can still order your subscription.  The cost is $38 per subscription if paying by check or $40 if paying by credit card through the website.   DEADLINE FOR ORDERING IS: August 12, 2018.
Go online at:
Help show you patriotism while supporting our Band/Color Guard program!!!!!!!

#3  We will begin our Snap-Raise! Fund raising campaign on Thursday.   I have sent home an information letter with every student last Friday.   I have also attached the letter to this email.  We are asking that every student bring 20 viable email addresses to our kick off on Thursday.  Types of email addresses we are wanting is included in the attached letter.   THIS IS ONE OF OUR BIGGEST AND EASIEST FUND RAISERS!!!!!!!  We need everyone to participate.

#4- SPIRIT WEEK: Give us your most creative costumes!
Meme Monday
Twin Tuesday
Walt Disney Wednesday
Tacky Tourist Thursday
Fun Fact Friday
***remember the more people who dress up in a section the more points you can earn for Band Olympics!!!!

Monday 5pm – 8pm
Tuesday – noon to 8pm (Mr. Sperling will be here)
Booster Club meeting at 6:30pm in auditorium
Wednesday – noon to 8pm
Thursday – noon to 8pm ( Snap-Raise fund raiser begins…bring 20 email addresses)
Friday – 5pm – 8pm
Saturday – 7am to noon

Monday:   3pm – 5pm -All-State Master Classes
5pm – 8pm Varsity Band Rehearsal

Tuesday:  3pm – 5pm -All State Master Classes
5pm – 8pm Varsity Band Rehearsal
6:30 pm – Band Booster Meeting and Varsity Band Exhibition!
****information regarding Disney trip will be discussed.

Wednesday 3pm – 5pm – All State Master Classes
5pm – 8pm – Varsity Band Rehearsal

Thursday – 3pm  – 8 pm FULL BAND
****SNAP-RAISE fundraiser kick off….bring 20 email addresses

Friday – 3 – 5pm All-State Master Classes

Saturday – 7am – noon Varsity Band Rehearsal

Let’s keep the momentum going as we remember that ……THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO EXCELLENCE!!!!!!

Thank you ALL for a great first week………Way to Go War Eagle Band/Color Guard!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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Welcome Back War Eagle Band/Color Guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It is here….we are about to begin our most EXCITING and most REWARDING year EVER!!!!!!!!!!!    We cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow!!!!!

This is the first of the weekly “THIS WEEK IN BAND” emails.   As most of you know this is the ONLY place you will receive up to date and correct information about the events coming up each week.   To our New and Freshmen students and parents…..we welcome you and encourage you to look at this email each and every Sunday.   It will be the “Key” to staying informed and to your success as a War Eagle Band member!!!!

So here it goes!!!!!

#1- All gear that was ordered should have been picked up last Saturday (Thank you to Mrs. Christensen and crew for doing a great job!)  If you did not pick up your ordered gear, you will be able to pick it up after rehearsal tomorrow at 4:30pm

– Mandatory dress:  tennis(athletic) shoes – that lace up
   athletic shorts ( not too short!)
   orhs gray practice shirt (or a white or light colored t-shirt if you have not
                                      received your order)
  hat(mandatory…even for tubas!)
  sunscreen ( and bring it to reapply)
                anything else.   You must keep it full.
-Instrument and all marching music in flip folder….PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Lunch, and snacks for morning break and lunch break (students are not allowed to leave for lunch)
-New this year- A FOLDING MUSIC STAND if you have one.  That way you will have one for your
music rehearsals.

#3-  Eat a GOOD, Healthy breakfast!!!!!   You body and mind need fuel to function properly.  Eat proteins and fruits like bananas.   Avoid a lot of Dairy products… stay away from SODA!  And as always:   HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!!  HYDRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4- Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band students will need their Concert Instruments for the Master Classes.   To find out what band you are scheduled for, log into your Charms acct.

#5- Seniors who wish to attend the College Application Seminar….please sign up to go on Wednesday, Aug. 1 in the afternoon.   That way you will not miss any “new” information for band.

#1- Bring ALL equipment you have to rehearsal tomorrow.
#2- Revised Week #2 rehearsal schedule:   Mr Sperling (guard choreographer) will be here on Aug. 7, 8 and 9.   The schedule has been revised for those days:
Aug. 7, 8 and 9                 9am – noon– inside block
                         12 – 1pm LUNCH BREAK
                           1 – 4pm Inside block
                           4 – 5pm DINNER BREAK
                           5 – 8pm Outside Block

Monday – Full Band/Guard Rehearsal       7am – 4:30pm (meet in auditorium before 7am)
Tuesday – Full Band/Guard Rehearsal      7am – 4:30pm
Wednesday – Full Band/Guard Rehearsal  7am – 4:30pm
Thursday – Full Band/Guard Rehearsal     7am – 4:30pm
Friday –     Full Band/Guard Rehearsal      7am – 4:30pm
Freshmen Fish Camp              in the morning (all 9th graders need to attend)
SLT pep rally band                  8am pep rally.
Saturday –  Varsity Band Rehearsal ONLY!   7am to noon
***the varsity competitive band will be set by Thursday….guard, percussion and
varsity winds will attend Saturday rehearsal.

That will do it for Week #1!   If you have any questions….do not hesitate to email your section leader, a band officer, a Booster Club board member or any band director.

The Student Leadership Team has put a lot of time and planning into setting our GOALS for the year.   You will be hearing about our plans as we go through summer band.  We are excited for the POSSIBILITIES that are ahead of us….and can’t wait to get started TOGETHER as a Band Family!

So as we begin….we want to embrace the thought that:   There are NO Shortcuts to EXCELLENCE!!!
See everyone Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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The Guard Report 7/29/18

Welcome back War Eagle Color Guard parents! This is going to be an exciting and very busy marching season.  I can’t wait to see what our girls have in store of us this year and it all begins…TOMORROW – bright and early at 7am.

So, let’s get started…

First and foremost, I would like to say welcome to our new guard girls Allison, Averie, Bella, Caitlyn, Chloe, Jaen, Journey, Kenia, Lillian, Lilly, Linda, Phoenix, Savannah, Valeria, Mercedes, Zykia and their parents  – we are so very happy to have you!

You should have all received this season’s first “THIS WEEK IN BAND” email from Ms. P earlier this afternoon. If you have not, please let me know so we can get it to you ASAP as it is the “key” to staying informed.  I strongly encourage you all to look forward to and read Ms. P’s email every Sunday. It is where you will find all of your “need to know” information for the upcoming week including any schedule or event changes/updates and the “Color Guard Corner” which is info specific to guard.

OK, I’ve attempted and failed miserably to come up with a catchy title for the section of this email for information Mr. Landers would like posted. The best I could come up with is the “Lowdown from Landers” (so any suggestions are greatly appreciated)

  1. Practices for the week of 07/30-08/04 begin at 7:00 am – please have your student there @ 6:45am in time to be fully prepared and organized to start at 7:00am.  M-F rehearsals end at 4:30pm and Saturday at 12:00pm. Please understand that these are the end times for rehearsals not pick-up times. The students are responsible for packing up and storing their gear before they are dismissed to leave. Please allow time for them to complete their duties.
  2. Rehearsal Checklist – items aremandatory
  • Practice attire

o   Light blue practice shirt

o   Athletic shorts (not too short!)

o   Hat and/or bandana

o   Socks

o   Tennis/athletic shoes that lace up

  • Sunscreen – will need to be re-applied throughout the day
  • Sunglasses
  • Water jug – ½ gallon or gallon. *facilities are available for refill as needed but MUST COME PREFILLED with WATER nothing else.
  • Lunch and snacks for breaks (x2) – Students are not allowed to leave the premises for lunch
  • Dot book (3”x5” index card spiral notebook) with some type of lanyard/shoestring/cord so it can be worn on the body.
  • Hair ties, etc. to pull up hair up out of face and off of neck.
  1. Week 2 practice schedule has been adjusted to accommodate time with the guard choreographer, Mr. Sperling. Revised schedule for Aug 7-8-9 will be9am to 4pmindoor rehearsal with Mr. Sperling. Dinner break 4pm to 5pm. Full Band rehearsal 5pm to 8pm.
  2. Something new this year –Saturdayrehearsals AND a couple of football games have been added to our already busy contest schedule. Please keep this in mind when making weekend plans from now through the end of October/early November.
  3. Picture day isTuesday August 14 8am to noon. Group and individual pictures in uniform will be taken and available for ordering. Order forms will be provided prior to picture day.
  4. Uniform/dress fees for this marching season are now due. If you have not done so already, please do so in Charms as listed under fixed payments.

Booster Business

  1. Interested in working the Pavilion to help with the Fair Share and Trip fees? It’s not too late.Contact for more info.
  2. Tuesday August 7thBooster Club meeting for ALL parents 6:30pm – 8pm
  3. SNAPP fundraiser kick-off is August 9th. It’s an easy way for the girls to fundraise – all that’s required is a list of 10+ emails per student. Now’s a good time to start reaching out to family, friends, and local businesses.
  4. Guard mom help needed.We’re looking for a few volunteers to complete our wash crew and hair team.  Nikohl Allgood and I will be available at the Aug 7th booster meeting if you are interested and would like more details.

Guard Mom note – The dresses are mostly white. For this reason, we strongly suggest* an addition to the uniform. “Panteez” female protective leak resistant undergarments are available on Game days and contest days are very hectic, break times are limited, and sometimes unfortunately we don’t make it to the ladies room in time.

*not a requirement

Looking forward to a spectacular season!

Liesl Walton

ORHS Band Booster Color Guard Liaison

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Hello War Eagle Band Boosters! We hope you & your students are enjoying your Sunday, on this
“Eve of Summer Marching Band”! We are excited to start this school year off on a POSITIVE NOTE, and we look forward in helping our students have an exceptionally successful experience!
Parents, please read these weekly emails carefully, along with Mrs. P’s emails, so that you & your students are up to date and aware of upcoming events/information!! We welcome our freshman & new students & parents to our program, and hope you find a place in our organization to volunteer and help in some capacity! We have an amazing group of parents who know that if we work hard & work together, our students will reap the benefits!
So here we go!

Thanks to all of the parent volunteers & Student leaders who came out to help with gear pickup, and a HUGE thanks to Julie Christensen for all of her hard work ordering & organizing the gear!
Your students should have everything they need to get started on their marching journey!
If you were not able to pick up gear, there will be time tomorrow after practice to pick it up. Be sure that the gear has been paid.  Any questions, feel free to email Julie.

Parents, please be sure to have your students to the ORHS band hall and ready to go for marching practice tomorrow morning BEFORE 7am.  The rehearsals start fast and furious, so you do not want to just be pulling into the parking lot at 7:00 or 7:10. Also be sure your student is prepared for marching practice, such as water jug filled with water only, hat, sunglasses, athletic/tennis shoes, socks, practice shirt, sunscreen, a healthy lunch with snacks, instrument, music, dot book, etc.
It’s gonna be a BUSY BUT FUN TIME!

A big thank you to the white shirt committee and parents who have volunteered so far this summer to help our pavilion program be successful. We still have many concerts for the upcoming months, so there is still plenty of opportunities to sign up and earn points! Any questions or concerns, please email our white shirt crew.

Please mark your calendars & plan to attend our first booster meeting this year! You will have fun & get to mingle with fellow band/color guard parents! You will receive lots of information regarding opportunities to get plugged in and volunteer! Also, door prizes and snacks will be provided, so you definitely do not want to miss out! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you parents for all you do to help our program. It is an honor and privilege to be part of such an awesome group of like-minded parents who truly want nothing but the best for our students!
Please continue to communicate and stay in contact with your fellow band/color guard parents, band directors, booster board members, committee members, etc.

Tammy Comeaux
ORHS Band Booster President

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This Week In Band 6/10/2018

Happy Summer Break!!!!!!!!
Welcome to our Freshmen parents and students….this is your first “THIS WEEK IN BAND” email!  We just completed our first week of the 2018-2019 season with our percussion, color guard and music camps.  Band Registration is completed and everyone has been fitted for uniforms and ordered gear.

We just wanted to send this final before we head off to enjoy our summer as well.  Here are a few reminders:

#1-The band hall will be open on Tuesdays, June 12,19 and 26 from 9am – 2pm for anyone who is taking private lessons, anyone who needs help with the marching show, and officers to get ready for summer band.

#2- ALL GEAR MUST be paid for by Friday June 15 in order to be ordered so that it will arrive in time for Summer Band.  You may pay online through PAYPAL.  Any gear that is not paid for by June 15 cannot be ordered.

#3-June 30 – FLAGS WITH PRIDE FUNDRAISER- we will need to deliver our 75 routes for the July 4 holiday.   Please come out and help!  Sign up to Volunteer in Charms (student also).  Pick up is at the Storage Unit on Richards Rd from 8am – 11am.  Return date is Saturday, July 7.This is a great way for Freshmen Parents and students to begin to get involved

#4 July 18 – Pep Rally for First Choice Emergency Care.  All SLT members and any student who is in town can help us play for the grand reopening.   They are making a very generous donation to our band.   Come on out and play:  10:30am – 1pm.  (We will have a rehearsal on July 17)  More information will follow.

#5- July 20 – All YOUTUBE auditions are due to Mr. Vela and Ms. Pradervand.  THIS IS YOUR AUDITION FOR VARSITY OR JV marching band.

#6 July 23 – 24 – SLT leadership camp – you must have your medical form.

#7- July 28- GEAR PICK UP DAY – 9am – 1pm in the Band Hall.

#8- July 30-FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BAND  7am – 4pm

1.  Pavilion is in full swing.  If you would like to volunteer and earn points toward your fees…contact the Pavilion Committee.  For more information please email

2.  FLAGS WITH PRIDE – July Holiday will need everyone to help.   Please sign up in Charms to distribute flags for this important holiday!

On behalf of all the ORHS Band Directors, we want to wish everyone a FUN and SAFE summer!  Enjoy the well deserved break…..spend time with your family, catch up with friends, take a great trip and just RELAX!   We will see you on July 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This Week in Band 03/25/2018

Hello War Eagle Family,

This weekend all 3 Color Guards competed in the TCGC Area championships.  The Varsity finished out their season strong by placing 6th for the year.  The Freshmen team had their strongest run-through of the season fighting their way into a top 5 spot in the Area.  And the JV guard had a fantastic performance pushing them into the top 3 of the Area and advancing them to the State Championships!!!!!!!   The State Championships will be held on April 7th and our JV color guard will be representing ORHS!!!!!   WAY TO GO!!!!!!!   We are all so proud of all 3 guards…..what a great season. Congratulations to all.

1.  It is with great excitement that we get to announce the Band Director of Grand Oaks High School, Mr. Mike Flake!   Mr. Flake is coming to CISD from Dekaney High School where he was the assistant director.  We all know Mr. Flake and he is going to be a welcome addition to CISD and a wonderful director for Grand Oaks HS.   Mr. Flake hopes to attend our April 10 Booster meeting so that we can meet and greet him!

2.  It is the end of the month, please check your Charms account and make sure that all your payments have been made.   With the end of year fast approaching, we have Band Banquet and Senior Scholarships about to happen and you must be in good standing to purchase a banquet ticket or be allowed to apply for the band booster scholarship.

3.  All concert bands:   Please make sure you are getting all of the items you need for your Concert Formal Uniform:
Symphonic and Concert Band 1:  girls:  black closed toed/heel shoes
boys:  black dress shoes (marching shoes are OK if they are
clean and in good shape)
black dress socks
white collared dress shirt
Concert Band 2:  girls:  black dress or black pants with a white or black dress shirt
black closed toed/heel shoes
boys:   black pants and a white or black collared dress shirt
black dress shoes (marching shoes are OK if they are clean and in good
black dress socks

1.  JV guard rehearsals will be :  Monday 3pm – 5:30pm
Thursday 3pm to 5:30pm

Tuesday:  Mr. Benzer clinic during Symphonic Band and Concert Band 1

Wednesday:  Full Orchestra rehearsal 3pm to 5pm
Concert Band 1 – formal uniform final fitting time during Eagle’s Nest (get a pass from
the directors)

Thursday:  Mr. Bennett clinic during Wind Ensemble class

It is a short week….but a busy one….remember that BETTER NEVER STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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This Week in Band Boosters 03/25/2018

Hello War Eagle Band Boosters! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and are ready to “hop” into this  short week due to Easter Weekend coming up!
We want to congratulate all of our Color Guard and Mr. Landers for an awesome weekend at TCGC Area Competition this past Saturday! Congrats to the JV squad who placed 3rd overall & will be advancing to State on April 7th! Our Varsity team placed 6th overall, out of a very competitive group of guards. Our Freshman team placed 5th in their division. We are SO PROUD of all of the Color Guard groups and how well you represented ORHS! Great Job!

Please be sure to check your students accounts in Charms, and be sure all fees are paid up to date.
The new statements were mailed out this past week. Please remember that all fees must be paid in order to attend the Band Banquet and for seniors to be eligible to apply for the band booster scholarships.

Thanks to all who came out to eat yummy burritos while supporting our program this past Thurs! We are still in process of talleying up our percentage of profits, and will be letting you know how well we did. So stay tuned!

Please mark your calendars now, and plan to attend the upcoming Booster Meeting on Tues April 10th. There will be alot of important information shared at this meeting regarding the upcoming Pavilion Season and Flags with Pride program, along with meeting the new Band Director for Grand Oaks HS, Mr. Mike Flake.  We will also be voting on Booster Board positions, and discussing the upcoming Band Banquet. We need ALL PARENTS to be at this meeting!

Mark your calendars now and be looking for additional information to come regarding the upcoming Band banquet at The Woodlands Marriott Waterway Hotel.  This will be a fun evening for students and parents to celebrate the amazing year we have had! We will be needing parents to volunteer to help with registration & decorations. Look in Charms soon for this opportunity to sign up.

As always, thanks for your continued support of our program. We need each of you to be involved as much as possible so that our students will benefit from our combined efforts. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc please feel free to reply to this email. We welcome your input!
Tammy Comeaux
ORHS Band Boosters

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This Week in Band 03/18/2018

Happy March Madness War Eagles!!!!!!   We hope that everyone had a wonderful and restful Spring Break.  It is good to take a moment to recharge….Reunite with friends and family.  While most of us were having a good week off….our Color Guards were in the midst of their season competing at 2 different contests.   Congratulations to our Freshmen and JV color guards who competed the first weekend of the break….and both guards were the “Silver Medalists” taking 2nd place in their divisions!
This past weekend our Varsity color guard travelled to Dallas and competed in a WGI regional.   The had 3 great performances that qualified them for semi finals and finals performances.   Out of the 44 guards that competed, our Varsity guard place an impressive 9th place overall.   Congratulations to all the girls and to Mr. Landers…..WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1- On Thursday, March 22 we will have a “Spirit Night” at the Freebird’s on Lake Woodlands Dr.  Come on by and have dinner between 5pm and 8pm…remember the ORHS band gets a cut of all the proceeds.
2- Concert Band 2 students remember to bring your formal uniforms to school tomorrow if you have not already done so.
3- Friday, March 23 will be a Parent Performance of all of our color guards.  This is to “wish them good luck” as they go into the TCGC Area qualifying regional on Saturday.   The exhibition will be 7pm in the 9th grade center gym.

Monday – Freshman guard rehearsal 3 – 5pm
Varsity guard rehearsal 5 – 7:30pm
Tuesday-Freshmen guard rehearsal 3pm – 5pm
JV guard rehearsal 3- 5:30pm
Wednesday-Varsity guard rehearsal 3pm – 6:00pm
Thursday-JV Varsity guard rehearsal 3pm – 5:30pm
Friday-Varsity guard rehearsal 3pm – 5:30pm
Parent Exhibition Performance – 7pm
Saturday- TCGC Area Contest at Klein Forest  -TBA

***section rehearsals resume for all bands.   Please check your child’s individual band schedule

Wednesday-Full Orchestra Rehearsal 3pm – 5pm (Orchestra Percusssion will need to attend)
Thursday-Spirit Night at Freebirds 5pm – 8pm
Friday- Mr Green clinic during all classes
***eligibility hits today at 2:30pm

We hope everyone is ready to begin a new 9 week grading period.   For our Seniors….this is your last one…make it your best one!   For the freshmen, sophomores and juniors…this is the last one of the year….make it your best one!   And never forget that BETTER NEVER STOPS!!!!   Let’s make this a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pradervand
Band Director
Oak Ridge High School

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Oak Ridge High School Band in Oak Ridge, Texas.